Babies experience constipation just like adults and when it comes to treating it, there are certain remedies that you can use to prevent or treat it. Like adults, babies who are constipated experience pain and discomfort and one of the reasons why some babies are constipated is because of a negative reaction to the food or drink you feed them. One remedy is to massage the baby’s stomach and you can also give him a warm bath with a few drops of baking soda in the water. Sometimes fruit juice works to alleviate constipation in babies. Here is a list that can help with cure for constipated baby.

High Fiber Foods

 It is a known fact that foods high in fiber relieves constipation and you can use high fiber foods such as prunes, peas, peaches, spinach and apples to feed the baby. Another idea is to create smoothies based on these foods and place them in the bottle for the baby to drink. If you do this for a few days, the baby’s constipation should go away quickly. Also have him drink water in between meals.

Let Little Man Move Around

 Exercise is another good way to treat constipation in babies and if he is a toddler, give him some toys so the can run around and play with them. Take him outside and have your spouse and older children play age-appropriate games with him so he can get in physical activity during the day.

Avoid Iron-Rick Formulas

 Sometimes your baby may be constipated because of amount of iron that is in certain milk formulas. If there is iron in the current formula you use, set this formula aside and instead choose a milk formula with very little iron since iron-rich foods sometimes cause constipation.

Castor Oil

 This remedy has been used for decades as a health remedy and if your baby has constipation, you want to give him a few small teaspoons of the oil with water to reduce constipation in the baby. You can find castor oil at most drugstores, online retailers and mail order catalogs.

Talk With Child’s Pediatrician

 If you tried the above mentioned remedies for your baby’s constipation but nothing is working, you should talk with the child’s pediatrician to find other solutions to the problem. Tell the doctor the remedies you tried and how long the baby was constipated. The pediatrician may offer an oral liquid medication to treat the constipation.


 When your baby is constipated, he is irritable and he experiences pain but with the above mentioned remedies and assistance from the pediatrician, things should improve soon. Avoid remedies that you are not too familiar with because it may harm the baby. If you have friends with babies, ask them how they relieve their babies’ constipation. Give the baby time to recover after you give the remedy since relief will not occur overnight. Finally, keep the baby hydrated since water is important in eliminating constipation.

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