Cleaning and Looking At Your Teeth

 During the dental checkup, the dentist in Melbourne CBD will examine your mouth to look for evidence of cavities, plaque, gum disease or early signs of tooth decay. If everything is okay with your teeth, the dentist will then clean your teeth so that they will look white and beautiful again. After the cleaning process, the dentist may decide to give you a teeth whitening.

X Rays

 Sometimes the dentist in Melbourne CBD will take X rays of your mouth to determine if there are any early signs of periodontal illnesses. If the doctor determines that you have certain dental problems, he will go over the X ray exam results and discuss what the problems are as well as the solution to them, find out more at Art De Dente Dentists Melbourne.

Counsel on Preventative Care

 During your dental checkup, the dentist will also talk to you about preventative steps you can take to maintain proper dental hygiene. He will talk about the importance of brushing and flossing your teeth and doing what you can to keep your teeth bright and beautiful. If it is your child that is gtting a dental checkup, the dentist in Melbourne CBD would advise you on how to care for your child’s teeth.

 Why Dental Checkups Are Important

 Gum disease is a serious thing and could lead to tooth decay if it is not detected and dealt with immediately. When you get regular dental checkups, the dentist can determine whether you have gum disease and how advanced this disease is. Dental checkups cause your teeth to have a beautiful appearance and these checkups are important in decreasing oral cancer risks. The dentist can look at your teeth to see if cavities are present and he may send you to another dentist for an extraction if needed.

Talking About Dental Problems With Dentist

 Another thing that happens during dental checkups is the discussion of any dental problems you currently have because as you mention it to the dentist, he can run some tests to find out what the issue is and then develop a treatment plan. This is another reason why you should not go a long time without a dental checkup.

How Often Should I Get Dental Checkups?

 You want to get a dental checkup twice a year but if you have serious dental diseases, it would be a good idea to go a few times each year so the dentist in Melbourne CBD can monitor your dental health while you have certain dental illnesses.


 When you get dental checkups, your dental health improves and you will have peace of mind knowing that you have a better smile, boosting your confidence. When going to the dentist, mention any unusual symptoms you might have because these could be signs of early tooth decay or gum disease. Ask the dentist in Melbourne CBD questions when necessary and take some of the free brochures with you so that you can learn more about taking care of your teeth. Finally, eat the right foods and take calcium supplements as they are good for stronger teeth.

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