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You have seen “Derm Exclusive Reviews” a few times and you are looking for ways to make your skin softer and smoother. Here are some ways to moisturize your skin in efficient and inexpensive ways.

Use Camelia Oil

 Camelia oil has antioxidants that prevent free radicals from harming the skin and it contains vitamin E. You can find camelia oil at natural health stores and online retailers, and this oil makes your skin smell great too. Another good reason why you should use camelia oil is that it acts as natural protection from the sun if you are allergic to store bought sunscreen products.

Cocoa Butter

 If you are a person of color, you can moisturize your skin with cocoa butter because it does an excellent job of moisturizing the skin and like camelia oil, it contains vitamin E. If you cannot locate a bar of cocoa butter, you can purchase body lotion that has cocoa butter and shea butter is also a good option if you are not able to get cocoa butter.

Ditch Long Hot Showers

 When you take long hot showers, you strip your skin of its’ natural oils, causing dryness. Do not spend any longer than ten minutes in the shower and when you get out the tub, pat yourself dry instead of rubbing your body with the towel since rubbing causes your skin to dry out. Also apply lotion or petroleum jelly to the skin while it is wet.

Put A Humidifier In The Home

 Another idea is to place a humidifier in the home during the winter months because it acts as a natural moisturizer for the skin while you are in a cold house or right before you head out in the cold. In addition to the humidifier, you can also put baby oil on your arms and hands to supplement the humidifier’s air in the home.

Maintain Proper Diet

 It is also important that you eat and drink properly if you want your skin healthy from the inside out. Drink eight glasses of water a day since it hydrates your skin and you should also eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. Avoid greasy, high-sodium, high-sugar and fatty foods because they clog the skin’s pores, causing pimples and blackheads.

Cut Out The Stress

 When you are stressed out, it shows in your skin’s appearance. You can maintain the glow and moisture in your skin if you cut the stress out your life by relaxing, meditation, sleeping at a decent time, and reading. Also switch jobs if necessary and learn to say no to others’ requests when needed.


 Your skin can stay moisturized for years to come if you take steps now to moisturize and keep it healthy internally. Get advice from your dermatologist and avoid gimmicky skincare products that may not work for you. Procedures such as microdermabrasion and facials also keep the skin youthful, and even the items in your pantry assist you with getting healthy skin.

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