The Importance of Health in Acquiring Wealth

 We know how health problems such as anxiety, obesity, heart disease and diabetes lead to a shortening of the life but did you know that common health problems hinder you from doing well on the job? For example, when you have sleep apnea and experience tiredness during the day, you are not able to concentrate on projects at work and you will not complete them properly, leading to possible termination from work.  Or if you are obese and you work in a profession that places a high emphasis on beauty or image, your weight gain could cost you your job.

There are many careers today, and your state of health is important if you want to have wealth through them. These are some of the most popular ones in 2013:

  1. Market Research Analyst – You will be paid at least $55,000 per year, as you are responsible for identifying prospective clients, communicating with them, analyzing market conditions, among others.
  1. Systems Administrator – This is one of the fastest-growing careers today, paying more than $70,000 per annum, excluding many other benefits. The administrator installs and maintains computer systems; looks after external and internal networks, and other systems used in data communication.
  1. Software Developer – In this computer age, users want tools that help them to get things done faster and cheaper. Therefore, you can be rich if you become a software developer. Companies are willing to pay a minimum of $89,500 per year to help them to develop applications and computer programs for carrying out certain tasks, and develop programs that for running computer networks.
  1. Computer Systems Analyst – You will be making $75,000 per year to analyze the current scenario of the computer network of your employer, suggesting ways of increasing productivity; with business and combining IT combined in an effective way.
  1. Accountants and Auditors – Auditors and accounts make about $63,000 per annum analyzing financial statements of their clients. They can also help in ensuring that the taxes are paid within a short time.
  1. Dentists – As health is wealth, you can make a minimum of $150,000 per year as a dentist who helps patients to diagnose oral diseases, carrying out surgeries and prescribing medications.
  1. Mechanical Engineers – If you are a mechanical engineer, you can make at least $90,000 per annum as you help your employer to design, develop and build mechanical devices after modifying and replacing any damaged part of the system.

Stress and Anxiety Management Benefits Workers

Some employers offer wellness programs in which they seek to help employees live healthier lives so they can boost productivity. For example, employees who are stressed out or suffering from anxiety may decide to meet with a licensed psychologist in sessions covered by the employer’s wellness program and during these sessions, the employees can get to the root of their problems and get help for the problems. When employees are less stressed out, they work better.

Oral Health and Image on The Job

You may think that this is superficial but oral health plays an important role in having a steady job in certain industries. For example, if you are a TV reporter but you have missing teeth or if you struggle with chronic halitosis, this could hinder your career over time. If you are an aspiring model but whose teeth are heavily stained, you may not get many offers from potential publications and ad agencies. Even if you own a business, people are going to see your teeth and this is why regular visits to the dentist are essential to a career.

Insecurity About Ability to Afford Healthcare

Good health in employees equals good job performance and better salaries but what about the employees whose employers do not offer health insurance? These employees’ health suffers and they are not too focused on performing well on the job. Thanks to the new healthcare reform laws that were signed into law in 2010, all Americans can now get access to healthcare and this is because employers would be required to offer the insurance. As a result employees will be able to take better charge of their employees, leading to improved work performance.

Drug Abuse

Drug Abuse and Job Performance

Those who abuse drugs are at risk of hindering their success on the job because the effects of the drugs impair their cognitive and memory skills as well as analytical skills, which are highly valuable on any job. In addition, when a person is on drugs and working at the same time, he is stressed because he attempts to cover his addiction while trying to function normally. Soon they could be fired by their bosses should the drug abuse prevent excellent job performance.

Poor Eye Health and Job Performance

Aside from our ears, we use our eyes heavily on the job and when our eyes are not operating the way they should be, it affects our work. If you sense an increase in blurry vision, difficulty driving at night or if you can see things only far way or only nearby, it is time to visit the eye doctor to determine what the problem is so that your eyes will be healthy enough to do work with.


Our health plays a major role in the kinds of jobs we qualify for and how well we do the jobs we are qualified for. If you want to increase productivity, you should ensure that you maintain excellent health by visiting the doctor and eating the right foods.