A metabolic weight loss plan is a weight loss plan where the focus is on using your metabolism level to achieve weight loss. Those with slow metabolism rates would benefit from the plan because they can use a variety of methods to make the body appear as if it it is speeding up the metabolism rate. The key is to understand your current basal metabolic rate and then you can proceed with the metabolic weight loss plan.

Start With Breakfast

In order for the metabolic weight loss plan to be successful, you should start each day with breakfast since breakfast helps you get a boost in metabolism and this gives you energy for the day. Some good breakfast foods include egg whites, whole grain bread, turkey bacon, oatmeal, fiber cereal and fruit salad.

Use Herbs and Spices in Cooking

Salt is good for seasoning but it is better to cook with herbs and spices because these help you speed up your metabolism for weight loss. A common home remedy is a mixture of cayenne pepper, lemon juice and water. When you cook, you can add the cayenne pepper, black pepper, crushed red pepper and jalapeno peppers as well as herbs such as oregano, thyme and rosemary.

Get Physical Every Day

If you ,\want to boost metabolism, you need to exercise and there are various ways you can do this. If you are married, sexual intercourse is excellent for burning calories together and another way to lose weight is to do some hard work around the house such as cleaning the attic or garage, organizing the kitchen and scrubbing the floors in the bathroom, find out more at http://slimarea.com/weight-loss.

Eat Smaller Meals During The Day

Another thing you can do to increase your metabolism rate is by eating smaller meals during the instead of two big meals a day because as you eat small meals, you give your body the chance to turn the food into energy so that you will burn calories faster. When eating smaller meals, be sure to eat balanced foods such as fruits and vegetables, milk, yogurt, lean meats and whole grains.

Drink Green Tea

Since caffeine boosts your metabolism according to some medical researchers and green tea has an adequate amount of caffeine in it that will work well for your metabolism. Three to four cups of green tea is sufficient enough to speed up the metabolism.

Sometimes Diet Pills Work

In addition to doing the most important things to boost metabolism, you can also take diet pills to supplement your diet plan. Make sure you research different brands of pills as some of them are not the best. The best diet pills to take are those that consist of herbs, vitamins and minerals.


When you have better metabolism, you lose weight quicker and you feel better about yourself. Once you lose weight, you want to meet with a nutritionist or personal trainer to assist you in keeping the weight off for a long time.

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