Insomnia during pregnancy happens in different stages and during the first trimester, a woman can experience insomnia because of changes in her hormones. This is because during daytime hours she is more tired than at night and she may take naps throughout the day. By the time nighttime arrives, it becomes difficult for her to sleep. Some doctors advise pregnant women to look for substitutes for napping such as walking or doing light household work so that they will not experience insomnia at night.

Another reason why a woman experiences insomnia during her first trimester is because she is anxious about her role as a new mother.  Sometimes frequent urination during early pregnancy is a cause of insomnia. The second semester is not a time for excessive insomnia, but the insomnia returns during the third trimester because of pressure from the uterus against the lungs and pain.

Boring Activities Relieve Insomnia

 One method of relieving insomnia during pregnancy is to do boring activities such as reading a book you hate, counting from one to 20, listening to very boring music, or watching a movie that makes no sense. When you do this you reduce chances of getting insomnia.

Avoid Fatty Snacks and Meals Before Bedtime

 If your insomnia is because of heartburn, then you need to stay away from fatty and high-calorie snacks at night because those foods trigger heartburn and indigestion. Instead you want to consume healthier foods such as fruits, vegetables, yogurt, baked chicken, or whole grain crackers.

Purchase A Softer Mattress

 If you’re struggling with insomnia during pregnancy, it may be because your mattress is too firm and uncomfortable. Substitute this mattress with a softer and more comfortable mattress so that you will have a restful sleep every night. Research different brands of mattresses and ask the salesperson questions before making a purchase.

Drinking Warm Milk

 Another way to relieve insomnia is to drink warm milk before bedtime because warm milk has a soothing effect on you and this leads to a good night’s rest. If you do not like the taste of milk you can drink herbal tea but avoid hot coffee because it contains caffeine.

Cut Out Electronic Usage At Night

 All of the light and sounds from the computer, phone and TV only delay a good nights rest so if you do not want to be cranky on the next morning, then you want avoid all use of electronics for the night. Also ask your spouse if he can work in another room if he is not going to bed right away.


 Pregnancy is an exciting time but it is also stressful because your body goes through a variety of changes and one of those changes is the inability to sleep. You want to avoid over-the-counter medications for the safety of the unborn child but if you want to take vitamins, this may be okay but talk with your doctor first.

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