Meet With Doctor Regularly

From the time you experience the earliest signs of pregnancy up until the due date, it is important that you meet with your doctor so that he can monitor progress during the pregnancy. The doctor will also offer suggestions on nutrition, fitness and other methods of maintaining good health while pregnant so that you will have a safe delivery. If you notice any unusual or very painful symptoms, it is important that you alert the doctor immediately.

Avoid High Impact Exercises During Second and Third Trimesters

Exercise is recommended for pregnant women in order to relieve stress and maintain a healthy weight but as you advance in the pregnancy, it is wise to avoid very high impact exercises because this is not safe for you and the unborn baby, and brisk walking, swimming, stretching, low-impact dancing and light jogging would all work as good exercises for the body.


What You Should Not Eat While Pregnant

Stay away from sushi because this consists of raw fish and it may cause high levels of salmonella and other kinds of food poisoning. Another thing you should avoid is all canned fish since it contains traces of mercury, which is unhealthy for the unborn baby. If you want to maintain a healthy weight, stay away from fried foods, junk food and meals that are high in fat and sodium. Also avoid alcohol and soft cheeses.

Always Stay Hydrated

When you are pregnant it is also important that you drink a few glasses of water a day because water keeps you hydrated and it cleanses out the toxins in your body so that you and the unborn baby can be healthy and safe. To jazz up your water, put a few drops of lemon or orange juice in it along with a teaspoon of honey. Then place the glass of water in the freezer and take out after twenty minutes for a cold treat.

What About My Skincare Routine?

When you experience the earliest signs of pregnancy, it means that you will need to make changes to your skincare routine until the baby’s birth. You want to avoid skincare products that have retinoids in them because they may cause birth defects. Products with salycylic acid are also not very safe depending on the amount of it in the product. Talk with the doctor before using it. However, shaving creams and sunscreens are okay for pregnant women.


When you use these methods to stay safe during pregnancy, you will feel better about the process and the baby will be born healthy. Be sure to research different health journals so that you can learn additional ways of having a safe pregnancy. If you need assistance with tasks as the last trimester arrives, do not be afraid to ask because loved ones will want to help you during this time. Finally, enjoy the trials and joys of your pregnancy.

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