Effects of Employees’ Stress Levels on Business

When your employees are stressed out most of the day due to pressures at home and at work, your business loses productivity in several ways. For example, stressed out and physically unhealthy employees may have to miss work for a few days or they may arrive at work late because they are not organized in their schedules because of stress. For other employees, the stress is so bad that they do not complete projects on time and as a result other employees have to pick up the slack.

Workplace Hazards and Your Business

When some of your employees are injured on the job, their health suffers temporarily or even permanently and this has a ripple effect on your business in several ways. Employees’ workplace accidents cost you money because you would need to offer workers’ compensation benefits to the injured employees and if you offer health insurance, this drives your insurance costs up drastically. In addition, you will have to give loads of work to the other employees and this slows projects down.

Obesity and Productivity and Image for Your Business

If you own a business that is within an image driven industry such as performing arts or TV journalism, you know that the physical well being of your employees is important because of productivity and the public’s perception of those who work for you. For example, if you operate a modeling agency but your models have gained significant amounts of weight, you lose out on taking advantage of opportunities to work with major advertisers. As for the employees who struggle with obesity, they will feel depressed about the weight gain and resort to unhealthy habits that could hurt their productivity.

Substance Abuse

Employees’ Substance Abuse

When some of your employees’ struggle with substance abuse, it affects your business. The employees who are in this situation are not focused on their work and it shows in the lack of quality of the assignments. In some cases, the employee who is addicted to drugs may get easily irritated and angry with you and other coworkers, and if he is fired, he may seek revenge because of it, causing a potential threat to your business.

Why Wellness Programs Are Important in Workplace

In light of the above mentioned factors that affect your business as it relates to employees’ health, here are some reasons why you would benefit from installing a wellness program at your business. You will pay less money in paying for your employees’ health insurance coverage and this leads to better work performance from them. Your employees will also learn more about preventative health care tips and they can make this part of their routine even when they are not working.


An employees’ health determines the quality of your business and if you want greater productivity, you want to do everything you can to ensure that your employees are healthy all year round.

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